Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boxed In: Project Entry Part 7 - Finishing Touches Canvas 2

"Excavation", 12x12" Mixed Media on canvas. Available.  
From the side to show the interference.

Well, the first of the three canvases is finished. I didn't actually have to do too much to finish this off. I just added in some bright white highlights and did a bit of drybrushing to accentuate the texture (if you want a reminder of what it looked like, you can see it again here). After looking at it turned in all directions, I decided it looks best this way. Even when I join it up on either side with the others it looks best this way. So, I still need to sign it, touch up the edges and attach the hanging hardware, but otherwise it's done.

 One of the wonderful things about interference paints is the way the colour changes when the light hits it. How to photograph that is a bit of a mystery.

From another angle. Now it looks green. 
Here I've taken a couple shots on different angles. You can see how it looks purple from the side, but green if the light is on a different angle. As I've only used it in accent areas, it is really something that can only be fully appreciated in person. But then all original art is kind of like that... right?

If you are in the GTA, this promises to be a really great show. I've been following along with the progress shots from some of the other artists, and have seen a few of the finished pieces already turned in. Wonderful. AND, if that wasn't enough, at $100, these pieces are a steal. Most of these artists would have work this size going for considerably more... myself included. I imagine a few of the artists will take the opportunity to buy work from other artists they love but could never afford (likely myself included here as well...). If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and take a look.

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