Sunday, May 29, 2016

Boxed In: Final Entry

"Secret of the Ancients", 12x12" Mixed Media on canvas. Available.

Done. The final painting. Feels like it took a really long time to get these finished, but I suppose, with stopping to take working photos, and documenting everything in between painting sessions, it added on a bit of time. At least I made it for my deadline.

I'm going to be doing something a bit different for this series. Each piece looks best in a certain direction... in my opinion. But they can all fit together for something different. So to allow a bit of flexibility, I'm going to sign them on the edge of the piece, rather than the front. I will still have to put wire on the back, but that is easily changed if the eventual owner decides they want to hang them in a different direction. The gallery is actually going to hang the show with velcro instead of hooks this time. Makes it easier with so many pieces, and that way they won't have to fill a million holes in the walls when the show comes down. The canvases they gave us are small and light, so it should work well. I can hardly wait to see how the show comes together.... some of the work I've seen posted online is really wonderful.

Excavation series, lined up horizontally. These would look lovely in a hallway... maybe on a white wall? I found another
silver in my stash that was way more reflective (Golden... of course), so I went over the solid silver areas in all
three pieces. Anyway, that's why I have areas that look warm grey in that last photo. That's the new silver
reflecting the light.  I really should rephotograph the other two...

Now that I'm done this series I have a few other things I have to focus on for the next couple weeks. My mom is moving in a little over a week, my son has a million things on the go (some of which require my input), and I really, seriously need to clean up my studio. I don't know how it can go from clean to a disaster in a few short days, but it manages to happen. One misplaced object, and suddenly I need a couple days to put everything back together.

I will post a video of the opening on June 9th... I'll try to keep it short-ish. I'll have to do the walk around and maybe have a little chat with some of the other artists. If I can get that live stream thing happening, I'll let you know.