Friday, May 25, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Last week my mom and dad came over for dinner. I don't see them all that often... they live an hour away at the moment, soon to be further due to an impending move. They're downsizing, and between their current house and their future home they are going to be living in my sister's house while she's off on an adventure.

Since mother's day had just passed, I got out my tools and made my mom something special. She is the proud owner of the first piece of jewelry I had ever made (as an adult not a child, though I'm sure she has a few of those hanging around as well), and every time I see her with it on I cringe. This one turned out much better. I had forgotten how much I enjoy making these. I get in the same zone I get in when I'm painting, but I don't have to think about theme and emotion and so its just not as exhausting. I'm thinking maybe an Etsy store is in my future....

My parents are in the process of clearing out all the stuff they've accumulated, so they brought over some stuff for me. The best was my grandmother's old photo album. There are some absolutely brilliant pictures in there. I love the old shots from the 30s and 40s. I'm thinking i may incorporate some of them in my encaustic work. Here is one of my favourites.
My grandmother on a CP train, 1941


  1. I love that photo. I hope you are scanning lots of these....and that you email me a selection. I have some ideas for incorporating them into some work. Not encaustic though. ;-)

  2. Wow! You make jewelry too? So pretty. Hope you're doing well. We're in the final grind to the end of school (2 weeks and I'm back to some sort of "normal").

    1. Leslie,
      I took a beginner jewelry class because I wanted to work metal into my encaustic stuff and had no clue how to work with it. It works brilliantly... if you place the metal piece on the wax and hit it with the torch or the heat gun, it just kinda sinks. You should try it!

  3. Your grandmother looks like someone I'd love to know. And your paintings; very wonderful.