Sunday, January 11, 2015

Patterns and Grids | Part 2

Second entry in my "Patterns and Grids" workbook. Better than the first... I'm curious to see where this is going....

My second foray into the world of patterns and grids was a bit more successful than my first. I tried to remember the basic principles I had learned in the non-objective workshops I took last year…. big shapes, balanced division of space, neutralizing the color scheme… seems to have worked to an extent. This spread I am actually happy with. While it doesn't necessarily "feel" like my work, it is more painterly than what I managed to produce last week. Progress.

This is where I started off... Funny how everything I
do seems to end up dark. Maybe I need to start with
white and go from there...
I didn't want to start with too much of a plan… this is a "sketchbook", after all (and planning is really not my thing). I did a rough breakdown of the space and got out the paint. I used bubble wrap for my patterned area, but by the end I had painted over it. If you look closely you can still kind of see it. 

Looking at my finished product, I may have to rethink going on to a painting after only doing the 6 spreads in this book. I'm not sure where I'm going to go with this… focus on texture maybe or figuring out some other angle. This doesn't seem like I could make it interesting enough to be 40" wide. Maybe I'll get out my pen and my (other) sketchbook and see what other ideas I can come up with.

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