Sunday, January 25, 2015

Patterns and Grids | On and on and on...

4th spread in my "Patterns and Grids" workbook... almost looks like an arial
view, or a map of some sort.
I noted in last weeks entry that I never use pink. Since I'm in experimentation mode, I figured, why not? So, with a full jar of magenta paint, I went about trying to create something in pink. I actually didn't have a clue where to start. What colours work with pink??? The final product is actually leaning a bit toward purple, but that's ok... that's not a colour I use much either.

It's not horrible... I got some interesting textures in areas, and I like the magenta with the green, though it would probably be a bit more interesting if I brought out the yellow bits a bit more. I shuffled through a pile of 9x12" pieces on paper I had started but never gotten around to finishing, and found one with some purple and yellow in it, and went on from there. I think this one is more successful. The blocks aren't quite so blocky, which gives it a looser feel. And there is more variation in the shapes, giving a cityscape kind of look. Put on a white matte, this one actually looks pretty good. Well, whadya know.....

"The View from Here"  9x12" Acrylic on paper.

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