Sunday, January 18, 2015

Patterns and Grids | Continuing on a theme

I'm continuing to work in my "Patterns and Grids" workbook. I decided to add in another challenge by working in a dominant colour I never use. I had a full jar of primary yellow I had bought for a class and never even opened....mainly because I think it's an ugly colour. Bright, acidic yellow.  Reminds me of antifreeze. Maybe if I just add in a bit of magenta (another colour I rarely use. Not a pink kind of person)..... Yep, that works....

3rd spread in my Patterns and Grids book. For my pattern I used black paint on a piece of bubble wrap. I used the same thing on my blue pages, but by the time I was finished it was completely obscured. I like that this one was lighter in value.... most things I paint tend to be oppressively dark. It's hard for me to get away from that. 
Oddly enough, I think this one is quite a bit more successful than my last couple. Maybe I'm getting the hang of the whole grid thing... or maybe just not thinking of it quite so rigidly.

My 2015 entry to the Twitter Art Exhibit
I had a fair bit of paint leftover, so I took a postcard size piece and painted a little abstracted landscape using the same colour combo. I think I will send this one in for the Twitter Art Exhibit... I had wanted to do something for that, but had forgotten about it until I got a little reminder from organizer David Sandum. A note to artists: if you haven't participated in this event before, read through the call and consider it. Proceeds always support a good cause, your work gets shared globally across social networking sites, and the show/sale itself is a well attended event. It isn't an auction and the works sell for a set price, so it doesn't devalue the work the way many charity events do. It's worth looking into.


For those that missed it, I was a guest on "Talking Art" this week, the live Google+ hangout hosted by +Arizona Lowe and +Tammy Cook. I haven't watched the replay yet... I trust someone would have told me if I had stopped making sense somewhere along the line. I was tired, and it had been a very long day. Really nice people, and they seem to have a lot of fun on their show. It was lovely to be asked to join them.