Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inspired by Nature

"Fable"  Acrylic on Canvas

Recently, I spent a few hours on a long hike in the woods. It's one of those things that's really good for your soul. Living in a large city and not having much contact with nature can be draining... the world is not just concrete and hustle, and we all need some quiet time to filter out the noise. I'm trying to make this a much more regular thing. Always, the next day I wake up feeling so much better, so lately when I've gone into my studio, instead of turning on the music and going straight to my ongoing project, I let the quiet in and start working on a few small experimental canvases inspired by how I was feeling.

The texture in the background was done by scratching into the wet paint with a BBQ skewer. The first time I used this as a tool was in my mail art project  from a couple weeks back. I think this is a valuable reminder about the value of playtime.... to make progress you have to try new things and take some chances. Right? Something not that easy to do if you are totally focused on production.

I've got a few more canvases the same size (oh how i love a good sale at an art supply store... I've got a stockpile...) so I've started a few more in the same colour/style. I'll see how they turn out. So far I'm feeling pretty good about it.