Thursday, February 28, 2013

Solo Exhibit at the Meadowvale Theatre

The main wall of the lobby, across from the bar. Each of these pieces is
30" wide. They look kind of small, but it just because the wall is so big!

Well, the big day arrived and my solo exhibit went up at the Meadowvale Theatre. Right up until we started sorting and leaning things against the walls I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough work... the place just looked so huge. Luckily my sister was around to help, and she's done this kind of thing many times before. We figured out their hanging system without too much difficulty, and started spacing things out.

By the time we were finished I had almost every space covered. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the way everything looks hanging together. The bright colours really pop on the neutral walls. I have a few new pieces, completed in February, that I have yet to post (as the astute observer will notice...). I will post them over the next couple weeks while I start work on my big "Big" band painting.  :)

Beside the bar, across from the big white wall
View from the front door. The piece beside the coat check
is 36" wide. It looks so little, but it isn't. That seems to be
my running theme....
The main wall from the opposite side.


  1. The work looks so great, Marianne. Congratulations on all your hard work. I hope you sell it all!

  2. Incredible! And congratulations! I hope you have nothing left by the end of the month.