Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Painting Completed

I had to do another pianist... the other one is smaller and on paper, but also has a totally different feel.

Acrylic on canvas


  1. These are looking so cool, Marianne. You've definitely got an identifiable style that I really like. Are the stencils hand-drawn or based on photos? Your colours are so gorgeous. In Paris, I saw work by a painter named Moïse Kisling that had rich, beautiful colours like yours.

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I usually start with a photo and will redraw areas so they work the way I want them to, or to fill in parts that are missing. I've been doing life drawing for years so I have loads of sketches for reference. I've been painting postcards before I start a larger piece to figure out composition... email me your address and I'll send you one. :)