Monday, July 2, 2018

Here I am... AGAIN!

"An Endless Garden", 10x10" mixed media on wood panel. Available. 
Hi! I'm back! I've decided to go back to posting my weekly blurb on this blog... I recently switched website providers and I can't say I'm totally enamoured with the blog features on my new website. It's been so long since I put out a post here, I'm sure a few of my followers are no longer interested. You should be able to unsubscribe easily should you want to. For those who are happy to see me back (are there any??)... HI! {hugs}

The whole reason I have switched providers is to upgrade to an e-commerce store and to be able to offer prints. From everything I've read, it seems like the gallery is going the way of the dinosaur and online is the way to do it. Not entirely sure that's true... galleries in Toronto seem to be doing ok, even if they are moving every few years to try to escape the ever increasing rents downtown. And they seem to have started charging a "hanging fee" along with whatever commission they take should the piece sell.

Anyway... I may still use the new site to release new work and tell about the inspiration behind it, but for my ramblings about the art world and my life in general, this is easier. So I'm more likely to do it. I hope to see you here on Mondays.

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