Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Abstract Painting: Enter the Warrior

"Enter the Warrior", 12x12" mixed media on canvas. Available.
Abstract work is interesting. I usually start with some kind of idea... these pieces I've generally gotten my basic shapes down by drawing a person (or animal) in motion. Occasionally, while I'm working, I see something emerge from the shapes. Its a recognizable thing... I've seen landscapes, people, trees, fruit... usually I turn the piece and add something so whatever it is is obliterated. I don't want that "thing" there. It's supposed to be non-objective... an object throws me off.

I was almost done this piece when I saw the bird. I really don't know how I missed it... I guess I was in some kind of altered state as I was working. I get like that... just kind of in the zone. I've had my son come into my studio to ask me a question, and had to ask me 3 times just to get me to acknowledge he's there. It doesn't always go like that, but when it does the result is usually much better than when it doesn't. Anyway, I decided the bird was going to stay, and I'd hang the piece in a direction where the bird was obvious. I like it there, even if it does look like it is encased in some kind of metallic copper armour.

And I was happy that my metallic copper actually looks like metallic copper. Note to self: take photos of metallic pieces outside in the sun.

I've been working in grey for what seems like months. Piece after piece... grey, grey and more grey. Not a bad thing, but when I look at my last few months of work lined up, it's seeming a little dreary. I deliberately tried to steer away with this one, thinking maybe brightening up my palette may brighten up my mood. Not sure it worked, but I like the earthy feel of this piece. I have another two started using the same palette. I'm working on them in between a much larger diptych that is... well... grey. Maybe by the time I'm done all five my life be looking a little brighter.

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