Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pattens and Grids: the complete book

Finally finished the last bit of this book... front and back cover, opened. The actual book is darker and the colour more intense. Couldn't seem to get my scan to match. 

Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.

I've been sick for two weeks. Started with a cold, settled into my chest as a hacking cough, and just won't go away. I was off work last Friday, took the weekend to recuperate, and was back to work on Monday, feeling somewhat better. At least I could breathe. But the cough wouldn't let up.... it was driving my husband crazy, I wasn't sleeping, and I certainly wasn't getting anything accomplished.

Trip to the doctor. "You don't have pneumonia," he tells me. Well, that's a relief. Here's a prescription that will take care of the cough, and help you sleep. Awesome.

First day... well, that seems to work great. Cough under control, I have a productive day at work. That evening my head starts to spin. When I lie down the room spins... like when you're drunk. By 8 that evening I'm in the bathroom, crouched on the floor, leaning over the toilet, heaving. Even long after my stomach was empty. Lovely.

Even yesterday, though I could be upright without being nauseous, my head was still spinning. I still couldn't really eat. My own doctor never gives me Codeine.... But my own doctor has a 3 week wait to get an appointment. I wonder why the bottle of cough medicine didn't come with a sheet listing the possible side effects. If it had I may have been a bit more cautious in taking it. 

Oh who am I kidding? That cough was driving me crazy. I would have taken it. But I know for next time. Put up with the cough... the cure is worse.