Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back at it

Room for both dogs and still a place for
me to stand. Amazing.
Finally!! Unpacked!

Well, kind of.


The main floor anyway, and most of the upper floor. Ok, the basement is still in boxes, but I used to have floor to ceiling, wall to wall built-in bookcases, which now I don't have, and I have a very large collection of books (I LOVE books) that I have nowhere to put. So they are still in boxes. And will be until I can figure out what to do with them.

Just the same, I am finally able to get back to work. My studio is organized... or as organized as it can be until I work in there for a while. I've been finding that even though I put things in what seemed to be a logical spot when I was unpacking, when I needed that particular item I had to hunt high and low for it. Still, for the most part I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Started a couple small canvases and one larger one. I had done a few journaling exercises last week to kind of get me back into the right space, and surprisingly it seemed to work. Having had issues with getting blocked after taking time off, it was nice to find things flowing somewhat easily. I did an exercise I've done before and quite enjoy from LK Ludwig's book "True Vision" called Found Poetry, and combined it with automatic writing. Here is my result:
I quite like the colour combinations here. I think I'll use this in a painting. 

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