Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013. Now let's get to work.

Works in Progress
2012 has been an amazing year for me. I really feel like I've made some progress in my painting, and finally my work seems to be selling. Its been a struggle over the years to keep motivated when the canvases just keep piling up and I run out of wall space to hang them. For the first time ever I have gaps on my walls and am in a bit of a panic to have enough work to keep up with demand. It's a good feeling.

I spent yesterday trying to clean up and organize my "studio". In reality it's a very small bedroom in my suburban house, crammed to the gills with assorted art paraphernalia. It serves the purpose... I can go in, close the door and work (I have to keep the door closed because I've got two eighty lb. dogs who prefer to be touching me at all times.... it gets a bit crowded). I tossed a lot of accumulated crap... stuff I'd hung onto thinking I could use it at some point but then it's just sat in a pile. It's good to clear out some space. Now I've got a bit of room to breathe.

This is the cleaned up version. Crazy, right? Now, picture two large dogs in here...

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