Sunday, November 18, 2012


I seem to be fixated on birds lately. Not really sure why... maybe it's the endless dreariness of grey skies and rain getting to me, or maybe it's the tedious nature of my day job that has me dreaming of some kind of flight. Whatever it is, the birds are an ongoing fascination for me.

The Colour of Simplicity
11x14" acrylic on canvas
11x14" acrylic on canvas

As a side note, I recently purchased a tube of Tri-Art acrylics Pyrrole Red. What a gorgeous colour. I've got a bunch of new pieces started... I think this red is going to replace, or at least stand alongside my current staple, Quinacridone Crimson.

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  1. These are beautiful, as in, kind of took my breath away. Happy to have found you! Julie