Saturday, June 30, 2012

Toronto Jazz Festival

One of the wonderful things about living near Toronto is the abundance of live music about town. Especially in the summer. The past few weeks have been the high point of the season... Luminato, then NXNE, then last weekend the Toronto Jazz Festival started. Had to get myself downtown, and soak up some summer atmosphere.

Before I even got to my destination, I came across these guys. They were having some serious fun. I'm glad I have a camera on my phone, because I forgot to take mine. Not the best photos, but they will do for what I need them for. Didn't think I'd run across a guy with a tuba... I love the lines and intricate shapes. I took a bunch of pics of him, and the trombone player too. 

I met a friend down in the Distillery District,  where we could pop in and out of the galleries, check out the studios upstairs and maybe talk to a few of the artists that work there. There was a couple tents set up outside, and music in both locations all afternoon. I already have a bunch of photos of a standup bass from my son's school concert, but I could get really close to this guy and get a much better angle, so I took a bunch of shots of him too (and he was an amazing musician... that set was fantastic). I think these are going to make some really interesting paintings.