Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Locks and Keys Project

I swiped this photo off another site....
it's a great shot of the wall.
When I was at Artfest I met an artist from the Boston area named Denise, who created this wonderful public art installation called The Locks and Keys Project. A 12 foot fence, covered in messages, locks, keys, secrets, hopes.... I wish I could see it in person because it looks so amazing in the photos.

Denise gave me a little kit to take home, which I can then mail back to her and she'll hang it on the wall for me. Took me a while to figure out what to put on my note... there are so many possibilities. I finally decided to go with my mantra of the moment. 

Locks and keys starter kit
Final project

I painted over the foam with acrylic... started with a metallic bronze and put a transparent green over top. I hope it reflects in the sunlight. Paint pens for the type, then bent a piece of armature wire in spirals to make a hook.

I'm popping this in the mail this week, along with a couple other little things for my friend. Maybe a trip out there this summer.... a road trip is always fun, and can be really inspiring.