Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Artfest Trade: Book of Faces

So, I completed my submission for Penelope Harris' "Book of Faces" group project. It was fun. I rarely just sit and draw anymore... my creating time is so limited I usually jump right into painting. Here it is.

The first two are sketches from photos, the third is a self-portrait (which doesn't really look like me, but then they never do, but oddly all look kinda the same) and the forth is an old drawing that I just like, and I happened to have that sketchbook open in my studio the day I decided to participate in this project. I can't wait to see the finished book. What a great idea!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Up and coming: Artfest

So, I've signed up for Artfest. I think this is going to be completely awesome. It's been eons since I even considered doing something like this, just for me. Someone else always comes first. Well, that's how it is when you become a mom. It's what you sign up for. But suddenly I not only have the time, but also the money and a hubby willing to do all the familial duties and carting around for a week. How did I get so lucky???

Now all my plans are made: classes signed up for, dorm room booked, flight, hotel, car etc. all looked after. So, next? Time to get involved. I signed up for a trade: a book of faces. I haven't done life drawing in a year or so, I never really concentrated on faces, and line drawings are not really my thing. But in the spirit of trying something different, I signed up anyway. Hopefully it won't be a complete disaster. There are other trades going on that look really fun, but I can't commit to something I don't honestly think I'll have time to complete. I do have a full-time job, after all (along with a pile of other commitments I barely have time to live up to).  I'll have to figure out something else to do as an Artfest trade, as this seems to be one of the highlights of the retreat, at least according to what I've read on other blogs. If I'm going to do it I want to jump in with both feet. This is going to be so much fun.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Box of Crayons

When I was 7 or 8 years old, a favorite uncle gave me a box of crayons for Christmas. This was not just any old box of crayons. This was the giganto-pack, the largest size box of Crayolas you could buy. It had everything in it. The regular spectrum, of course, but also a bunch I had never seen before. Neon colors, silver, gold... everything I could possibly even think of wanting. And it had a built in sharpener on the box. I loved those crayons, and it forever cemented my relationship with my still favorite uncle.

The feeling I got when I opened that box is the same feeling I get every time I start a new art project. The sense of possibility, of limitlessness. It's why I keep going. After 20+ years of struggling and slogging, through the successes and the failures, the rejection, the praise and the criticism, it's that feeling I'm after. It's what keeps me going.

Here I am about to embark on something new again. I'm a bit behind with this whole blogging thing, but I follow enough of them that I see their worth. They can be inspiring and informative, a place to document experience and frustration. Here I will document my struggles and my process, and of course, my finished art and the thinking behind it. I hope to become part of that big online art community out there. It's been so inspiring for me, I think now is the time for me to share my crayons.