Sunday, May 8, 2016

Boxed In: Project Entry Part 3

Boxed In, canvas #2. Still in progress. I took this outside to photograph it, because the lights in my studio make
the grey look really warm. Of course I took the photo with my phone, the colour is still not totally accurate. When I'm
done I'll take a proper, colour corrected image. 
If you need a recap of this project, you can read my previous posts over the past week. Part one, and part two.

Moving right along...

I've moved on to canvas #2, so that I can get a consistent feel to the 3 pieces. When I'm working on a set that I want to go together, I regularly switch from one piece to the next while I figure out the next step.

In an attempt to show the iridescent nature of this
awesome mother of pearl paint, I photographed it
on an angle. It looks grey straight on, but
changes from purple to green in the light.

Sometimes one painting will get way ahead of the others, and then I'm playing catch up trying to get them all up to the same level. I think this is what has happened with this one. I started working early evening, and by the time I thought to check what time it was, it was the wee hours the next morning. As much as I love it when I'm in that much of a groove, I was tired as hell the next day. But still, I could hardly wait to get back to work.

I really like the silver/grey colour combination, although at the moment I think it's still a bit too dark. It feels monumental. My lines are perhaps a bit too harsh... but I still kind of like it. It feels crisp, and ragged, almost like ancient rock, or ice that's been there for millennia. The dark areas carry the eye through the image, the shapes are different, it doesn't look too busy. I will probably make a few finishing touches, but I doubt I'll do too much more. It's pretty rare that a piece will come together this quickly (if you can actually call it quickly, given that it had two pretty terrible incarnations before this one).

Of course I might still change my mind, but for right now, I like it.