Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ella Completed

"Jazz Legends | Ella"  16x20" Acrylic on Canvas
I've just finished up the second of my Jazz Legends series over on Global Vernissage's "Artist at Work" website. I've got all my working photos posted, as well as a bit of a running commentary about my process. When we first started talking about this project, I have to admit I really didn't think anyone would be that interested in seeing how a painting goes together... particularly that ugly stage that every painting goes through. Mistakes happen, things get corrected, it gets ugly, it gets better again... it happens all the time, but usually I'm the only one who sees it. I was surprised at the response. I've gotten so many lovely comments from both jazz fans and other artists... it's really quite wonderful.

Louis Armstrong, the first of the series
I'm in the process now of doing my photographs and having prints made. I'm doing a limited edition of 100 signed prints, the first three of which we are giving away to people who have commented during the process. That is something I'm sure will go a little quicker and a little smoother than the first time around, now that I know what to expect. My first set of prints looked lovely... after I learned a few things about paper choices and archival inks. That's saying nothing about shipping. But I think I've got it down now. Good thing, because I've got 10 more paintings to do.....

If you like following along the progression of a painting, there is a new artist over on the site, Giedre Anuskeviciute. She paints in a completely different style and process, and its certainly worth a look.

Over the next week I am going to be away for a bit of uninterrupted painting time. I'm doing a 5 day retreat workshop with Toronto artist, Steve Rose. I intend to be completely unplugged. Who knows how that will go.... I'm told there is no cell service where I'm going, so that part should be easy. I probably shouldn't even take my laptop, but I will. I've got a few things to finish up, and I want my family to be able to contact me somehow. I'm still hobbling around a bit from my recent accident, so I'm a bit concerned that being in pain will be a distraction. Ice packs and Advil are going in the bag.... and maybe some wine. If one thing doesn't help, the other should.