Sunday, April 20, 2014


My booth at Arts on the Credit.
Photo credit: Mississauga News
First off, I want to apologize for not showing up last week. I was exhausted. Who'd have thought standing around talking could take so much out of you? It was fun, and I'll do it again... but next time I'll plan my post in advance.

Slowly I'm getting myself reorganized after the last couple weekends. My paintings are no longer piled up by the door, and I have some work back up on my walls. My house is almost back to normal after a few weeks of neglect, and my studio no longer looks like a bomb went off in there. It's like I can take a deep breath again. Nice. And after that little break I'm looking forward to getting back to work. I've got a hundred ideas floating around in my head... not quite sure where to start....

Arts on the Credit was a great show. Those who had a chance to get down there to see for themselves can verify that. The quality of the art on display was amazing, and I felt honoured to be exhibiting in their company. I have posted some photos over on my Facebook page, if you're curious. I was lucky enough to be featured in the local paper twice in one week, once before the show, and once after. What a nice show of support from the organizers and the paper. I'm grateful. I had a lot of wonderful conversations with visitors that weekend, and lots of positive comments and feedback. It has helped me to see first-hand that people are connecting with my work.

I was surprised at how many people came out who I know only through social media. It was wonderful to meet you in person and talk like old friends. Thank you for coming. And thanks to everyone who has shared my images and sent positive comments online. I really do appreciate it.

So... to say thanks in a more substantial way, I will be giving away this small original painting pictured below. It is acrylic on paper, matted to 8x10" so that it will fit into any standard size frame. Here's how this will work: Leave a comment on my blog, and say how you found me. Next weekend I will write down all the names, put them in a bowl, and choose one at random. If you share this post, tell me that too (and on what platform) and I will add your name twice. I will announce the winner in next week's post. I will get in touch to get your address, and will pop it in the mail. Easy as that. Looking forward to hearing from you.  :)

Original artwork to be given away....