Sunday, March 9, 2014

Arts on the Credit: Part 1

April 12 and 13 this year I am participating in Arts on the Credit, an art show and sale held in the lovely Waterside Inn in Port Credit, Mississauga. This promises to be a really good event... I'm blown away by some of the work I'm seeing posted from participating artists. There's a good variety of styles and mediums, from realism to abstract, oil paint to textile.  Added in to the mix is a few fine craft artisans, including jewellery, pottery and wood.

I know it's still a month away, but preparation is eating into my production time (I'm doing the stuff I tend to put off... price lists, tags, adding hardware and varnishing works that have yet to leave my studio...) so I have little new work to share. Instead I thought I'd share some work from some of the other great artists I will have the pleasure of exhibiting with.

Alison Syer: textile and acrylic painting

I know Alison from my local art group. Her little textile butterflies are totally captivating. Her attention to detail is amazing... they are accurate and displayed as if they were specimens in a Entomologist's collection. 

See more of her work here:

Annette Siep: photographer

I also met Annette through my art group, and recently had the pleasure of taking a look through her portfolio. Her figurative work is imaginative and original, but I couldn't find an example online I could link to. This photo has been donated as a prize for the draw, so attendees will have a chance to win one of these prints.

You can see more of her work here:

Lorraine Roy: textile artist

Lorraine's work came to my attention a couple years ago through a friend who also does large textile work. I'm pretty excited to see this stuff in real life... it looks so interesting in the photos.

There's a write up about her on the show's blog, if you are interested, and you can see more of her work on her website:

Justin Bayney

Justin's work seems to be popping up all over the place lately... or maybe it's just that now that I'm aware of it I notice it more. He's part of the Ontario Society of Artits show on through March. You can check out more on his website:

I'll do a few more artists in upcoming weeks. Oh, and my April newsletter will have a coupon for a discount on any piece of mine purchased in April. If you want to get in on that, you can sign up HERE.