Monday, April 15, 2013

The Toronto Art Expo, 2013

TAE, 2013 edition

This past weekend was the Toronto Art Expo, held at the convention centre downtown. I usually go to this event... it can be pretty inspiring to see so much art at the same place, and it gives me a chance to talk to the artists at the show. I had a friend exhibiting this year, so it gave me an added reason to make sure I made it to this event.

The show seemed a bit smaller than it had in past years. I seem to remember it being the entire floor, but this year it was blocked off about half way across. There was some really interesting work, some grabbing me more than others.  It seemed to be catering to all tastes. I was surprised that there weren't  more people there. I remember it being quite crowded last year, but it could be that I went in the afternoon of the final day... maybe the art lovers of the city had already been and gone. A few of the artists I talked to said their sales were not what they expected. That's unfortunate... a show like this usually attracts artists from all over, and if sales are poor many of them might not come back. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. There are other big art events in the city... maybe this one will be smaller and another one will be the next big thing.

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